DeepCarbon Company was founded by a couple of young friends with love and respect towards the sea and spearfishing in 2010. Dimitris Kolokotronis and Stefanos Tsaggaroulias are the two founders of DeepCarbon, two restless souls who are constantly seeking for new ideas and original patents that are about to make the plunge into the sea world easier and even safer.

During their quest they came across Carbonio GFT Company, founded by an Italian manufacturer with a long experience in carbon fiber, knowledge acquired after decades of employment in aerospace industry.

DeepCarbon is collaborating with Carbonio GFT and is the exclusive distributor for Carbonio GFT products in Greece and Cyprus.

The years followed DeepCarbon signed agreements with other Italian firms like Sigal Sub, Polo Sub etc.

2018 is the year that Stefanos Tsagaroulias continiue alone in DeepCarbon

2020 DeepCarbon start a new journey in the world of Ribs. A total new rib boat HYDROHULLS came to Aegean sea and not only!!! With length 4,6m and small outboards engines will be a very good solution for every one that love mini trips !!!

Apart from Sigalsub, being its exclusive distributor in Greece and Cyprus as well as with Lg Sub, Polo Sub, Suex, Contesub,Paralenz,Kingii, &Pikotech Company as their exclusive distributor in Greece.

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