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A complete muzzle kit designed to convert conventional guns to roller guns. The kit includes a roller head, 2 hooks, 2 stoppers with double O-ring and 2 stainless steel screws.

The kit includes rollers with no bearings, made of new materials blend providing reduced weight. The main attribute is their unmatched low-wear resistance and rigidity in contrast with the disadvantages of previous no-bearings rollers, which showed deformation of the inner part and reduced spin rate after some time.

The rollers have built-in spacers in order to move freely, away from the sides of the head.

Materials: Acetal resins blend, no water absorption and low specific gravity 1,38-1,43 gr/cm3. Mechanically they have a crystallized structure ranging from 70-80%. Their high crystallization adds them a 20 times more strength as well as high mechanical resistance to repeated impacts, both greater in ratio than the ones provided by acrylics. In addition they are self-lubricating.