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    Hydrohulls proposes its new "first" member, the 460. At the start of this effort we fall into the most beloved and functional 5 meter category combining safety and seaworthiness with very affordable acquisition costs. We do this by using the smallest power motors from 30 to 60 hp, while reducing the cost of travel. The four tubes and hull design give a sense of security from the first moment. With spaces that most of the five-meter inflatable boats would envy and a quality that one can immediately discern! It came to stay in the Greek seas.


    Certification module B(EC-type examination)
    Design category C, as described in the Directive
    Length of hull (iso 8666) 4.60m
    Beam of hull (iso8666) 2.16m
    Maximum draft fully loaded 0.40m
    Displacement fullt loaded 900kg
    Maximum engine power 45w
    Design category C
    Recommended maximum load 550kg
    Recommended number of person 5+1child
    Maximum engine power 45w