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AIDA 2* Freediver

The AIDA 2* open water freediver course is intended for people who have tried Freediving and spearfishing in the past and want to improve their knowledge and practical skills. During the course the students will learn about proper breathing techniques, Freediving equipment, Freediving technique, physiology, safety and relaxation.

To enroll in the AIDA 2* course you need to have some previous Freediving or spear gun experience.

The AIDA 2* courses run by Freediving Club normally last 7 days.


FREEDIVING CLUB Special - During the course we perform apnea exercises using pulse oxymeters so the students can monitor their oxygen levels during the breathhold.

Minimum course duration: 5 days

Theory Sessions: 4

Open Water Sessions: 3

Pool / Confined Water Sessions: 2


PRICE: 290 Euros