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The ONDA blades are configured in the type HFF (High Frequency Finstroke) or those fins to be used with a kicking rate greater than that used with traditional fins. Just like in motor movement, even nell'apnea it was found that a higher frequency of kicking combined with a blade geometry that allows you to work your muscles at a lower energy regime allows you to enjoy prolonged and muscle efficiency apnea protracted .

The WAVE blades have a 32 ° inclination improving the Leg-Pala alignment, this geometry improves the positioning of the fins is in the propulsive phase (distributing so adjust the front and rear push percentage) is in the passive phase or during the step of fall in apnea or glide in underwater fishing. The important angle of classic fins can be a "point of fragility" in WAVE fins has a profiling "Arch Corner" that follows an evenly distributing filleted geometry tensions and dramatically reducing the chances of breakage.

Much attention has been paid to the aesthetic aspect, with no overlap later films or coatings that could mitigate the mechanical properties but as our frieze with indelible colors.

Characteristics that have made CarbonioGFT exporter of its products around the world, with extraordinary results

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