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Nano-Tech is an Italian company that operates in the field of nanotechnologies applied to advanced materials, manufacturing and marketing products designed to withstand the most difficult challenges in different industries. Within this collaboration, Nano-Tech provides new materials and the know-how necessary for their best use, and will support CarbonioGFT expert in machining, knowing all the tricks of the trade having know-how twenty years in composite machining aeronautical structural parts and being directly involved in producing its artefacts, all the trials and tests are entrusted to the sample Federico Mana , an expert technician and critical equipment.

Designed to satisfy the most demanding divers. It allows small movements and facilitates the smooth movement of the blade. This gives precise fin control underwater. All the aforementioned have no effect on the rebound force of the fins. Designed for long hours spear fishing. ow available in Super Soft thickness too

Carbonio G.F.T.