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Made from turning round full of hard polymer, in this roller rifles fungus is the bond of pretension for those who intend to use the rubber band that is unique (not broken into two equal logs).

The shape of the fungus allows the retention of the rubber band in place during the step of firing.

It is fixed by a screw Metric Stainless Steel with its threaded insert, both supplied with (this system allows you to quickly spot and loosen the fungus, big convenience if you want to move the fungus in another position, or when necessary to maintain the surface of the rifle ).

Model Big

Diameter greater than 50 mm - Average diameter 25 mm - Lower diameter 20 mm

Model Standard

Diameter greater than 40 mm - Average diameter 15 mm - Lower diameter 10 mm

Model Large : has a larger diameter, perfect models double roller to be coupled to the model Standard