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Spear Truck Pro is a new cart conceived, designed and manufactured for propulsion rifles that is demolished.
Modeled with CAD and made with the help of new technologies, the Spear Truck Pro is positioned as the benchmark for those looking for the best solution for their latest generation rifle.
The heart of the trolley is a ball bearing made entirely of AISI 316 steel, robust and very powerful.
The pulley, turned from stainless steel bar full, is characterized by a live corner groove that gives the carpenter the maximum grip in the interior: in this way the crevice can not slip on the pulley, forcing the bearing to fulfill its task .
The elastics are fastened to the trolley by means of 3 cylinders with an hourglass so that the elastic is positioned in the middle of the same, thus ensuring a symmetrical load and perfectly in axis for the entire structure.
The chassis consists of two stainless steel gondolas, made with laser cut, with 1.5 mm thick sheet completely discharged to hold the total weight of the carriage.
The pulley axis, in stainless steel, is of a "through" type so that it can support any load without compromising the operation of the structure.
Single trolley workload: 230Kg.
It can mount up to 4 elastics (with rotor trim, to optimize the ingot, maintaining a correct elastic positioning).