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Kingii is the new wristband for all those who love water! If you need help to stay afloat, pull the lever and an inflation bag will pull you to the surface.

Kingii is lightweight and can be worn in and around water. Inside the device is a CO2 cylinder that is easily replaceable. You can use Kingii time and time again. If you love swimming, surfing and the water, you will love Kingii.

Our story has gone around the world

We are thankful that the Huffington Post, NBC, The New York Times, Wired, and many other international news outlets reported about our product and brought awareness to water safety.

Great for swimming, surfing, and all water sports.

Pull the lever and a balloon helps you stay afloat

Sufficient for a 130kg / 285 lbs person

Easily reusable with refill cartridge.

Content: Kingii Wearable, 2 Refill Cartridges, Manual