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The 100 % pre - impregnated composite materials are the result of a 15-year technology and knowledge used in aerospace, F1, MotoGP, high speed trains, in order to ensure the highest composites mechanical properties.

The "technical goal" set by Carbonio GFT is "to introduce an evolutionary leap" for the product and improve its performance, bypassing at the same time the traditional boundaries.

The carbon fibers are pre - impregnated with resin and can only be compared to steel regarding resistance. Another advantage is that they have a significantly lower weight.

Products manufactured with simple impregnation of carbon with resin at room temperature have different properties.

The primary objective of the 100% prepreg carbon GFT blades is to reduce any waste of energy thereby providing the diver safety even at great depths.

The carbon used by Carbonio GFT, apart from reducing the weight of the blades, also features high elasticity and high-energy absorption capacity, allowing progressive parabolic action from the foot-pocket to the blade. All these factors are beneficial for the athlete since the blade is not subjected to compression.

Carbonio GFT uses fabrics and fibers that are pre - impregnated with resin (certified percentage of 42-46% per square centimeter). Generally, since the mechanical properties of fibers are better than the resin ones, the higher the volume of the fibers the better the out coming mechanical properties will be. The fiber/resin ratio comes mainly from the production process used to manufacture fins. Moreover, the ratio is affected by the way the fibers are incorporated with the resin type used.

Further, the production process used to mix the two components leads to a number of imperfections variables and air inclusion. By using the typical "lay-up" process the end product's mechanical properties is about 30-40%. By using the "infusion" process the mechanical properties of the end product is approximately 55 %, whereas by using more complex and precise processes, yet more expensive, the mechanical properties mount to 70 %.

The resin is usually near solid at room temperature, and thus the pre- impregnated material (prepreg) has a tacky feel. The prepregs are laid up by hand or machine onto a mould surface, vacuum bagged and then heated to typically 120-180°C under pressure.

Prepreg carbon fiber process requires the necessary processing tools, control and technical knowledge for the preparation, lamination, maturity and conservation of the material.

At room temperatures, prepregs have several weeks of useful life. However, to prolong storage life the materials are stored frozen at -20 ° C.

Our products come with warranty card, serial number and manufacture date. We also provide the testing results conducted from the production date to reaching the end user date.

Our primary concern is the diver's safety.