Kefallonitis Giorgos

by Στέφανος Τσαγγαρούλιας

Giorgos kefallonitis was born on october 14 1988. He was drawn to the sea from very young and at the age of 6 he put on a mask for the first time. At the age of 11 his godfather bought him his first speargun and guided him in his first steps. His favorite teqniques are agguato in all depths and asetto in murky waters. His favorite fish to hunt are white groupers, golden groupers and dentex. Some personal best are: 17kg dusky grouper, 10kg white grouper, 4,100kg goldbloch grouper, 6,300kg dentex, 17kg conger eel. His most difficult caches are a 13 kg dusky grouper shot at 42m and caved at 50m and a 12kg dusky grouper caved at 34m tha toke 3days and over 60 dives to uncave. These two fish are also the reason he doesn't like hunting dusky groupers. He is a member of team sigalsub since june 2015