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Suitable for all extreme sports.
Possibility of having three different lenses to choose three different angles: 120 °, 105 ° and 95 °.
Lens without distortion side.
1080p FULL HD with native or reduced angle of 10 ° to 30 fps.
720p HD at 30 fps with native angle or small angle of 25 ° to 60 fps.
Range up to 4 hours of continuous shooting at 1080p and 4 and a half hours at 720p.
Diving Bell black anodized aluminum water resistant to 100 meters.
No problem of condensation due to the diving suits aluminum.
Hermetic closure screw, without the possibility of accidental opening.
Protective Silicone Cover Black replaceable.
High impact resistance.
Magnetic Buttons.
Magnifying glass front anti glare and anti-scratch.
Compatibility with all accessories for Intrepid HD.
6 mounting holes M4.
External microphone to the camera body for better sensitivity in water.
Port to connect external devices to increase the functions.
Good buoyancy due to the volume of internal air ring and neoprene.
Double shooting mode selectable video in water without opening the diving suit.
Buzzer sound matched to button (disabled).
LEDs indicating the state of the camera.
Micro SD card slot.
External microphone jack.
USB cable for battery charging and data download.
AV cable to connect the camcorder to the TV.
Software for customizing video parameters.
HDR function for recording under strong light variations.
Motion detection to trigger the camera with the movement.
Time lapse function.
Photo function with maximum resolution up to 3.5 megapixels.
Resume function inverted 180 °.
Possibility to choose the file extension in output (mov-avi-mp4).
Possibility to choose the bit rate for a high quality of recovery.
Ability to select the frame rate.
Ability to customize: brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, levels red / green / blue.
Ability to select single function key.
Snooze function with adjustable time.
Date and time printable screen.
Possibility of continuous loop recording with overwriting files initials.
Large screw kit included to facilitate mounting on any type of support.
Maintenance kit with spare seal and silicone grease.
Washers Zinc (sacrificial anodes) to protect the camera from oxidation.
Adapter with nut pitch included photo for fixing facilitated.
Cable with safety clip and pin included to ensure the camera in case of accidental release.
Dimensions 47 x 100 mm (diameter by length).
Weight in air 220 grams.
Weight in water 50 grams.
Made in Italy.
2-year warranty.