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Fearless HD 720p

260,00 €
Rating: 5/5
Manufacturer: Pikotech

Fearless 720p HD camcorder is designed as a compact, efficient, very robust, easy to use and especially suitable to pescasub, an activity that puts a strain on all types of equipment.

Fearless HD 720p underwater camera is very different from the others. In fact, in addition to having the characteristics listed above, is already waterproof to 100 m, without the need of adding a diving bell around. Furthermore, as its external body made of aluminum, for maximum resistance to all stresses and abuse which may result from the activity of pescasub or from all possible extreme sports. In fact, the HD camcorder Fearless born to live under the sea but it fits perfectly with the other conditions that require an "action camera".

The innovation in this HD Intrepid has led to the filing of a patent.

Fearless HD has a form capsular so ridurrere the friction with the water generated during the phase of descent and ascent in the case of spearfishing or the friction with the air during activities on land. It has two large magnetic buttons easy to find and operate even when wearing gloves. Its silicone coating ensures both the maximum protection of the lens during collisions, both a high degree of masking (available in black or mimetic). Furthermore, the coating can be removed and sostituiresi in case becomes damaged or that one wants to change type of bottom or scenario.

Fearless HD 720p has two buttons, one for ignition and one recording. The correct button press is confirmed by a special horn. Therefore, the camera can be operated even if held in place not directly visible.

By proper software you can customize some parameters of the camera (such as video resolution, sleep mode, microphone sensitivity, bit rate, auto-record (single function key), TV out, date / time display, white balance, color temperature, etc.). connecting it to a PC via standard USB cable. For example, disabling the sleep mode, the camera can operate with only one button, one to start and stop recording, marked by the red circle.

The internal battery charging is always done by the USB port. Access to this connector by unscrewing the cap with highly hermetic closure on the back. The cap has a transparent disc through which you can see the light that indicates the status of registration and stand-by mode or photo mode. In fact, with the Fearless HD you also have a camera to take pictures, or the "snap shot" during video recording. Cap and body have on the outer surface, a knurling that allows to close the whole so that more secure, thanks also to the presence of an o-ring wisely arranged. In addition, the cap is provided with a suitable hole for fixing a safety cord (included) to anchor the camcorder.

The Fearless HD looks like an underwater camcorder ready to be used immediately. Indeed inside it already contains a memory of 16Gb, more than enough for a recording of 3 hours (at the highest quality video) that exploits all the charge of the battery.



  • Video Resolution: 1280 x 720 30 FPS, 848 x 480 30 FPS, 640 x 480 30 FPS.
  • Video format: mov
  • Photo: JPG 1280 x 960, 1280 x 720.
  • Snap Photo: JPG 1280 x 720.
  • Internal memory: 16 GB (installed).
  • Connector: USB 2.0.
  • TV Output: enabled / disabled via software.
  • Horizontal angle of view: 70 °.
  • Dimensions: 70 mm (length), 46 mm (diameter cylinder).
  • Weight about 180 gr.
  • Battery: lithium internal battery life of around 3 hours continuous recording at the highest quality video.
  • Body in black anodized aluminum.
  • External lens: glass anti-glare and scratch resistant.
  • Closure: Screw highly hermetic seal to access the data transfer and charging.
  • Safety lanyard.
  • Form air / hydrodynamics.
  • Parameters configurable via PC software.
  • Interchangeable silicone coating to protect it from impacts and for camouflage.
  • Magnetic buttons.
  • Acoustic signal to the (disabled).
  • Indicator light for indicating the current mode.
  • Auto-record single key.
  • 6 M3 threaded holes for fixing.
  • Kit screws.
  • Maximum depth reached: 100 m.