From Boatman's eyes

by Store
Boatman..... The third eye of spearos!!! The man that guide and find new spots for spearfishers. In this video we can see who the boatman helps the spearo, technology ,experience and a good...

Kyklades shallow and easy

by Store
Nikos always with his favorite SeaDevil 95 in hand, sharching for golden groupers

Quantum 115 firsts shots

by Store
Nck M. with his new gun Quantum 115 , Nice shots !!

Συναντήσεις με αιγαιοπελαγίτικα θηράματα

by Store
Searching for Dentex at Aegean Sea......always with a SeaDevil in our hand !!!


by Store
1rst of June and we were ready for the first spearfishing trip. Skyros was our destination this time. Very good visibility and good condition made our first day special! In this video we will...

Let the summer begin....

by Store
The Cyclades are an island group in the Aegean Sea , southeast of mainland Greece and a former administrative prefecture of Greece. They are one of the island groups which constitute the...

The ''right'' way of spearfishing....

by Store
Some very good dives from George with SeaDevil spearguns seems so easy......

Sigalsub shooots!!!!

by Store
Sigalsub shaft and slings.....just amazing shots!!!

G.Grouper 3 kgr

by Store
Gold grouper with SeaDevil speargun

Just few meters from the surface

by Store
Christos found a new wreck near a famous beach in Athens. Just few meters from the surface !!

2 - 15 m winter shots

by Store
In this video, you can see the use of Sea Devil speraguns in shallow waters. The fast movements of SeaDevil 95 make it an all around weapon also in difficult conditions !!

​Το κυνήγι της Στήρας και της Σφυρίδας

by Store
Difficult contitions near a boat wreck. Suddenly a golden grouper that make an ambush killed from a half meter with a great shot ...

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